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The study aims to evaluate the sexual desire between men with and without sexual dysfunction. For measurement, we have used the Sexual Desire Inventory with 14 items evaluating the expression of a dyadic and solitary sexual desire. The total score is a result by summing the items and it indicates the desire level in these dimensions. The sample was made of 129 men from four locations, three universities and a psychology clinical office. Men from universities accounted to 69%. The left ones were in the process of sex therapy and had sexual dysfunctions. Their ages ranged between 18 and 67 years, about their relationship status, 50% were married, 36% single and 1% widower. The application had occurred collectively in universities, as individually they took place at the clinical office in appropriate locations according to the ethical requirements demanded by the research. The results did not present any significant differences by t test between groups on the total score and on the dimension of dyadic and solitary sexual desire. When making comparisons per items, only 4 of them had shown significant differences. These differences indicate that men from the universities' group had higher scores on items related to the dimension of dyadic desire, over the clinical group. It has represented that the sexual desire expression with someone would be affected in the existence of a sexual dysfunction. It is realized to this comparison that the instrument had discriminated only 28% of the items, suggesting in a dysfunction condition, that the sexual desire expressions on men should be evaluated by other aspects. Future studies will verify the relation to these aspects on sexual desires.


Título: Comparison of sexual desire between men with and without sexual dysfunction

Autores: Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Ítor Finotelli Jr.; Diego Henrique Viviani;  Marilandes Ribeiro Braga; Moara Carvalho, Erlei Tavares; Maria Tavares

Palavras-Chave: sexual desire; sexual dysfunctions; solitary desire; dyadic desire; male sexuality 

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Rodrigues Jr., O. M., Finotelli Jr., I., Viviani, D. H., Braga, M. R., Carvalho, M., Tavares, E., & Tavares, M. (2013). Comparison of sexual desire between men with and without sexual dysfunction. Trabalho apresentado no 21st Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Porto Alegre, 368-368.