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To present the Brazilian experience in clinical use and in researches of the sexual measures and instruments. By indexing the articles to national and international database: Science Citation Index, MEDLINE, PsycInfo, LILACS, SciELO, CLASE, and by evaluating congresses papers from associations that gather professionals working with sexual issues, the publications contents were reviewed and grouped in categories of interest. The searches originated from keywords and the revision period was the last twenty years. Even with the dissemination of how important is the use of scales, questionnaires and measurement instruments, the Brazilian panorama in the use of such is shy. The number of available instruments is small, even smaller is the designing of national instruments. Translation and adaptation of existing instruments to other languages are usual. There is no trend regarding population, since the evaluation of sexual aspects is connected to other investigated conditions. For statistical treatment, the Classical Test Theory is most used as methodology; however, the number of coefficient information and used techniques is limited. An increase in the use in researches stands out, as well as in clinical use. The unavailability of instruments and lack of information on how to use them, especially regarding their psychometric properties, reveal an unsafe condition for their application. For the professionals who choose to use them, the number of instruments is small and the lack of information makes the comparisons impossible and cause problems in the quality and in the reliability of the results


Título: Looking for improvements: the Brazilian perspective on using sexual measurement instruments

Autores: Ítor Finotelli Jr

Palavras-Chave: measurement instruments; sexual measurement; psychological assessment; metascience; validity; reliability; psychometric

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Finotelli Jr., I. (2010). Looking for improvements: the Brazilian perspective on using sexual measurement instruments. Trabalho apresentado no X Congress of the European Federation of Sexology. Sexologies, Porto, 42-42.