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The present study has been correlated to the Sexual Self-Efficacy - Erectile Function (SSES-E) and the Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale-Female for estimating the development of a sexual functioning between partners. The sample was composed by 40 couples with sexual complaints, attended at a private office in São Paulo, Brazil. The average age was from 36 years old for men and 34 for women. The instruments have been individually applied in the initial consultation in an appropriate location following the ethical requirements for the research. Both scales use the concept of self-efficacy to measure the performance on sexual behaviors. For measurement, it is used a scale measuring between 10 and 100 scores, the total scoring is obtained by the average answers on the items and also by dimensions. While the SSES-E is composed of 25 items in two dimensions (obtaining and maintaining the erection), on the other hand, the SSES-F has 28 items in four dimensions (desire/arousal, penetration ability, solitary pleasure and sexual assertiveness). Such results have demonstrated important influences on the development of sexual behaviors related to erectile maintenance, desire/arousal and sexual assertiveness. For the non associated dimensions, specially for the self-efficacies, they have not influences on the penetration ability and self-pleasure development. The associations found on the study, have supported the studies showing influences on the sexual performance, according to the partners performances. Future studies will verify the results found in the non clinical samples.


Título: Association between male and female sexual self-efficacy

Autores: Carla Zeglio; Ítor Finotelli Jr.; Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Diego Henrique Viviani
Palavras-Chave: self-efficacy; sexual behavior; sexual dysfunctions; sexual satisfaction; marital satisfaction

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Zeglio, C., Finotelli Jr., I., Rodrigues Jr., O. M., & Viviani, D. H. (2013). Association between male and female sexual self-efficacy. Trabalho apresentado no 21st Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Porto Alegre, 98-98.