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This study evaluated the psychometric properties of the Female Sexual Function Index through a sample of college students. Design and method: 112 women who did not have any sexual complaint were evaluated by convenience sample provided by a university from São Paulo city. The average age was 25 years old (SD=8.10; Min=18; Max=60). The invitation for the application of this instrument was done collectively in an appropriate place fulfilling the ethical criteria required in the survey. The collected data were submitted to the descriptive analysis, factorial structure by main component with varimax rotation and accurate coefficient alpha Cronbach. Results: The descriptive analysis presented the average score scaled in 21.10 (DP=8.96; Min=1.80; Max=32.00), for the domain they correspond to: Desire=3.90; Excitement=3.70; Lubrication=2.63; Orgasm=2.83; Satisfaction=4.10 and Pain=4.31. By separating the women in groups with and without sexual activity, it was noticed a raise of the average statistically significant by Anova, except for the domain Desire (F [1,109]=3.394; p=0,068). The factorial analysis extracted five factors with eigenvalue>1 (factor1=5.67; factor2=2.98; factor 3=2.28; factor 4=2.22; factor 5=1.96), which explains 79.54% of total variance. For the evaluation of the internal consistency by coefficient alpha Cronbach: total scale=0.93, for the found factors: factor 1=0.97; factor 2=0.95; factor 3=0.84; factor 4=0.81; factor 5=0.87. Conclusions: The results are auspicious to the use of the scale. The descriptive analysis corresponded to the values from people without sexual complaint. The instrument demonstrated five domains, instead of six in comparison to the proposal presented in the original validation of the scale, conceptually described: factor 1=sexual function; factor 2=pain; fator 3=satisfaction; fator 4=lubrication; fator 5=desire. All of them have appropriate index of internal consistency. Further  investigation should add to the results presented here.


Título: Assessing the psychometric quality of Female Sexual Function Index: factor structure and reliability
Autores: Ítor Finotelli Jr.; Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Rodolfo Carvalho Pacagnella

Palavras-Chave: sexual function; validity; reliability; psychometric

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Finotelli Jr., I., Rodrigues Jr., O. M., & Pacagnella, R. C. (2010). Assessing the psychometric quality of Female Sexual Function Index: factor structure and reliability. Trabalho apresentado no X Congress of the European Federation of Sexology. Sexologies, Porto, 44-44.