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We aim to associate personality factors with measures of sexual function in men with cross dressing practicing. 13 cross dressers men, average age of 48 years old, from an activist group from São Paulo were evaluated with the following instruments: Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale– Erectile Functioning(SSES-E); Sexual Desire Inventory(IDS2); Personality Factorial Inventory (PFI). Those instruments were applied collectively in an appropriate place fulfilling the ethical criteria required in the survey. The collected data were submitted to the descriptive analysis of the Pearson correlations and average. Descriptive analysis presented the scores: SSES-E=65.50; IDS2=50.00; IDS-Dyadic=39.00; IDS-Solitary=11.00. For IFP factors: Nurturance=45.00; Intraception=42.77; Succorance=35.00; Deference=42.31; Affiliation=47.77; Dominance=36.54; Abasement=32.54; Achievement=50.31; Exhibition=35.38; Aggression=30.54; Order=43.38; Endurance=43.00; Change=43.69; Autonomy=46.62; Heterosexuality=44.31; Social Desirability=49.92. The correlation between the scores demonstrated strong significant positive association between IDS-2, IDS-Dyadic e SSES-E; strong positive between IDS-2 and IFP-Nurturance and IFP-Endurance; IDS-Dyadic with IFP-Nurturance, IFP-Endurance and IFP-Intraception; moderate positive between SSES-E with IFP-Intraception, IFP-Endurance, IFP-Change and IFP-Heterosexuality; and moderate negative between SSES-E with IFP-Abasement; IDS-Solitary with IFP-Aggression and IFPChange. The majority of the individuals showed sexual function similar or equal to the average of the individuals without complaints of sexual dysfunction. Personality factors as adaptive/desirable maintain positive influence in the sexual function and it was observed that this also occurred to the non-adaptive/desirable factors. Due to the investigative feature of this study, new researches should be conducted to widely understand personality features associated to this self labeled sexual practice.


Título: Sexual functioning and personality characteristics of crossdressing men exploratory Brazilian study
Autores: Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Ítor Finotelli Jr.;  André Bertoldi

Palavras-Chave: personality; sexual function; crossdressers; sexual desire; self-efficacy

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Rodrigues Jr., O. M., Finotelli Jr., I., & Bertoldi, A. (2010). Sexual functioning and personality characteristics of crossdressing men exploratory Brazilian study. Trabalho apresentado no X Congress of the European Federation of Sexology. Sexologies, Porto, 103-103.