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The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-2) is described today as a major clinical instruments to identify depressive symptoms. Since its last review, the validity studies grew progressively using different populations. Aiming to contribute to the instrument development, the present study has investigated validity evidences based on internal structure of the BDI-2 in a sample of patients with sexual dysfunctions. The sample consists of 362 patients (60% men and 40% women) from a clinic specialized in sexual dysfunctions treatments, whose ages ranged between 18 and 67 years (M=33.8, SD=10.48). Applications occurred individually in the initial care compliments of ethical criteria required in the research. The collected data were subjected to a full information factor analysis, a method that works with item response vectors, recommended for categorical data and analysis of internal consistency. The factorial analysis with promax rotation extracted two dimensions being able to explain 60% of the variance; criterias for the extraction were eigenvalues> 1.0 and retaining items with loads greater than or equal to 0.4. It was observed that the items, Loss of Pleasure and Loss of Energy have fit with significant factor loadings on the two factors in addition, the items Indecisiveness and Worthlessness have grouped in opposing factors, differing in comparison with other studies. The two structures (strongly and positively correlated) correlated strongly positive (0.72). According to the one indicated by the literature, the one and three models factors were evaluated, but have not met the expected criteria. The structure was also evaluated through sex, however, did not show different groupings. The internal consistency analysis by Kuder-Richardson estimated the accuracy of the instrument in 0.92. It was concluded that the results were satisfactory and similar to other studies which have evaluated the structure on other populations. For the mentioned grouping differences of four items, they were consistent according to the characteristics of patients with sexual dysfunctions. We suggest further studies with other Brazilian samples to expand the discussion of the instrument, so restricted to the international literature.


Título: The Beck Depression Inventory in patients with sexual dysfunction: validity evidences based on the structure

Autores: Ítor Finotelli Jr.; Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Diego Henrique Viviani

Palavras-Chave: beck depression inventory; depression; validity; validity evidences; full information factor analysis

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Finotelli Jr., I., Rodrigues Jr., O. M., & Viviani, D. H. (2013). The Beck Depression Inventory in patients with sexual dysfunction: validity evidences based on the structure. Trabalho apresentado no VII World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies. WCBCT 2013 Abstract Book. Lima, Lima, 185-186.