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Studies indicate that hypertension has no single cause but is the result of the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. The family support may be a social aspect in the process of health disease. This study aimed to correlate indicators for anxiety and family support perception in hypertensive persons, and to seek evidences of converging validity between the variables of the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and Trace-State Anxiety Inventory (STAI) instruments. Seventy hypertensive persons, 52 women (74%), aged 27 to 65 years (M=52.3, SD=8.9), participated in the study. The tests employed were an Identification Questionnaire, BAI, STAI, and the Inventory of Perception of Family Support (IPSF). Results indicated high levels of anxiety and low levels of family support perception. The correlations between the anxiety indicators (BAI and STAI) and PFSI were found to be negative and significant.


Título: Assessment of anxiety and perception of family support in hypertensive patients
Autores: Cláudio Garcia Capitão; Melissa de Fátima Bueno; Ítor Finotelli Jr.
Palavras-Chave: anxiety; family support; hypertensive patients; psychological factors; psychological assessment; evidences of validity; arterial hypertension

Categoria: Artigos publicados em periódicos científicos

Referência: Capitão, C. G., Bueno, M. F., & Finotelli Jr, I. (2012). Assessment of anxiety and perception of family support in hypertensive patients. International Journal of Current Research, 4(4), 255-260.