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The aim is to evaluate the correlation between sexual function and possible variance in women without sexual complaints by the use of many instruments. 90 women (average age of 28 years) without sexual complaints, by convenience sample provided by a university in the Estate of Mato Grosso, answered to Personal Information Form (PIF), Sexual Self-Efficacy for Female Functioning; Sexual Desire Inventory; Factorial Scale of Satisfaction in Couple Relationships; Sexual Satisfaction Scale for Women; Beck Depression Inventory; Beck Anxiety Inventory. Data were submitted to a descriptive analysis, correlations and comparisons. The scores of the sexual and satisfaction scale achieved moderate-high and depression and anxiety achieved low scores. Moderate positive association between self-efficacy in the sexual function with sexual desire became clear, specially for dyadic desire. The same association was established for sexual satisfaction in the compatibility factors, relational concern and personal concern. Negative association occurred with depression and anxiety, but without statistical difference. Satisfaction aspects in the relationship were associated with sexual satisfaction only. Women who reported sexual difficulties have lower desire scores. Other statistical differences were also evidenced, for instance the weekly-moderated consumption of alcoholic-drinks, with positive influence in the scores in sexual function. The results provided scenery of the sexual function from a segment of Brazilian women. The average scores fitted in the scores expected for individuals without sexual complaints which reinforce the literature. Many are the variables that influence sexual function which lead the authors to add information for new researches.


Título: Evaluation of sexual function in Brazilian women from the country side of Mato Grosso
Autores: Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.; Ítor Finotelli Jr.;  Marilandes Ribeiro Braga

Palavras-Chave: sexual function; self-efficacy; sexual desire; sexual satisfaction; depression; anxiety

Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Rodrigues Jr., O. M., Finotelli Jr., I., & Braga, M. R. (2010). Evaluation of sexual function in Brazilian women from the country side of Mato Grosso. Trabalho apresentado no X Congress of the European Federation of Sexology. Sexologies Porto, 87-88.