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This study evaluated the psychometric proprieties of the translated and adapted version in Spanish of the Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale-Erectile Functioning. Design and method: took part in this study 30 men who had no sexual complaints, per sample of convenience in social club in the city of Buenos Aires, with an average age of 42 years (DP=16.57; Min=18; Max=82), which 67% were in a stable relationship. The level of education was divided into Primary Education (26.7%), Secondary (33.7%), Tertiary (16.7%) and University (23.3%). The invitation to the participation and application of the instrument occurred individually in appropriate place with compliance of the ethical criteria required in a research. The descriptive analysis showed the average score on the scale of 69.54 (SD=15.12; Min=27.20; Max=93.20). By verifying the average per item, 64% were over the general average. Most of the behavior was reported as feasible in superiority, representing over 86% in the sample. It was obtained a moderate negative correlation between age and score(r= -0.47; p=0.01).Most of the items are positively correlated between moderate and strong with the total score, except for the items 11, 18 and 19. Finally, the internal consistency of the scale, by Cronbach alpha demonstrated the coefficient 0.89. The results were favorable to the use of the scale in the Spanish version. The appropriate rate of internal consistency provided credibility as its accuracy. It was found evidences construct validity by the relations established with total score. The average of the scores has framed in medium-high scores, expected for people with no sexual complaints. Other important finding is the decrease of the scores on the same proportions than age, like to other psychometric investigations.


Título:  Psychometric proprieties of the Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale-Erectile Spanish version

Autores: Ítor Finotelli Jr.;  María del Carmen Rodolico; Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Jr.

Palavras-Chave: sexual function; erectile functioning; self-efficacy; validity; reliability; psychometric
Categoria: Trabalhos publicados em eventos científicos


Referência: Finotelli Jr., I., Rodolico, M. C., & Rodrigues Jr., O. M. (2010). Psychometric proprieties of the Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale-Erectile Spanish version. Trabalho apresentado no X Congress of the European Federation of Sexology. Sexologies, Porto, 45-45.